Project Forum Spring 2022


QCS Hub Spring 2022 Project Forum

Close-up image of man sat in the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre

Image: Alexander Kachkaev under CC BY 2.0

Over 80 researchers from around the QCS Hub met last week for our biannual Project Forum event. Taking place at St Anne’s College in Oxford, with attendees from most of the Hub’s seventeen partner institutions, it was our first major post-Covid event. In many cases, it also represented the first time colleagues who’ve worked together for over 18 months have ever met in person.

Presentations from all eleven of the Hub’s workstreams allowed team members to share key successes and ongoing developments. With work packages covering a full range of areas from quantum computing hardware, to software and theoretical disciplines, the event provided a unique lens through which to see the wide-ranging impact of the Hub’s research.

It was also the first opportunity for our 2020 DTP student cohort to present their work to the whole Hub. Their presentations covered a wide range of areas, ranging from trapped ion quantum computing to lattice-based cryptography.

With partner institutions stretching from as far as Sussex in the south and Edinburgh in the north, events like this provide an invaluable opportunity to meet colleagues from around the Hub and generate new collaborations that even the best virtual platforms are unable to match.