Algorithms and fundamentals

Part of the Hub's research concerns the development of new quantum algorithms designed to outperform their classical counterparts. We are aiming to produce new algorithms that will be implementable on near-term hardware, but also ones that will be valuable for longer-term fault tolerant machines. Specifically, the Hub will be focusing on algorithms for quantum machine learning, in addition to ones for solving partial differential equations, both of which have wide areas of applicability.

The Hub is also developing aspects of the fundamental theory underpinning quantum computation. Our research here provides insight into concepts and techniques that support our full portfolio of work. In particular there is a focus on two themes. The first asks one of the deepest questions in the theory behind quantum computation - namely what is the irreducible quantum, as opposed to classical, part of quantum computation. Despite the enormous development of quantum algorithms this remains a completely open question.

The second theme concerns physics, and in particular the difficulty of computing the key properties of physical systems - such as in thermodynamics for example - providing vital insight into what quantum computers can and cannot do.