The national programme

UK National Quantum Technologies Programme logo
The QCS Hub is part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme (UKNQTP) which began in 2014.  The vision of the programme is to create a coherent government, industry and academic quantum technology community that gives the UK a world-leading position in the emerging multi-billion-pound quantum technology markets, as well as to substantially enhance the value of some of the UK's biggest existing industries.

The programme comprises: four technology hubs (which initially ran between 2014-2019 and were renewed with additional funding to 2024); a government’s challenge to industry and research for the Commercialisation of Quantum Technologies; a National Quantum Computing Centre; and a comprehensive training and skills development programme.  This 10-year+ programme has a combined funding exceeding £1bn and positions the UK as a leader in the development and exploitation of quantum technologies and its applications.