About the Hub

The Quantum Computing & Simulation Hub is a collaboration between 17 UK universities and is one of four hubs within the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

Working with an extensive network of academic, industrial and governmental partners, we are focused on the critical research challenges for quantum computing, across a broad range of hardware and software disciplines.

As well as addressing the technical challenges in providing quantum computing and simulation at scale, the Hub engages with industries, end users, government and citizens to ensure the UK is 'quantum ready'. Our aim is to accelerate progress within quantum computing and ensure the UK becomes, and remains, a leader in the emerging global quantum information economy.


The QCS Hub was preceded by the Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub (NQIT) which ran from 2014-19.  Among its many achievements, NQIT developed a photonically-networked ion trap architecture, demonstrating node-node connectivity with a world-leading combination of rate and fidelity; it also set new benchmarks for the speed and precision of quantum logic operations.  Engaging with over 100 companies, NQIT encouraged and supported seven technology spinouts.  Building on the expertise and achievements of the previous hub, the QCS Hub began in late 2019 with a renewed ambition to create a quantum information economy in the UK.


Our scientific research spans the full stack of hardware and software, made possible by the broad expertise of both our researchers and partners.  Our work on hardware involves developing scalable networks for both near-term and long-term quantum computers and simulators; our work on software and applications involves developing algorithms and protocols for how such machines could be used, as well as techniques to verify their operation.  We also study the architecture of quantum computers, and develop emulation techniques to allow future applications to be tested.

Read more about our research here - or start with an introduction to quantum physics and computing here.

Skills & training

Together with our partners, we are working to build the bridge between research and industry: we train researchers and PhD students in entrepreneurship, intellectual property and commercialisation - and also deliver training to technical, commercial and executive audiences to make sure the scientific potential of our work is understood and create opportunities for real-world, early adoption.


Close engagement with a wide range of commercial and government organisations is crucial to both the success of the Hub and the future of quantum computing.  Our initial partners span across finance, suppliers, integrators and developers, users from industry, and government and other research institutions. 

We are working to nurture a quantum computing community in the UK and beyond by organising an engaging programme of events, including industry days, hackathons, and targeted workshops; we also deliver demonstrations, new algorithms and techniques, spinout technologies, and workforce skills training. 

We work closely with the National Centre for Quantum Computing, and continue to work with the global quantum computing community, policy-makers, and the wider public, to keep the UK at the forefront of the global quantum conversation.

Hub Partners