Superconducting circuits are a well-publicised  technology for quantum computing, worked on by several large companies as well as by researchers in university labs.  In the QCS Hub we are working on novel ways to push the performance of superconducting circuits to the next level, to enable circuits with hundreds of qubits to begin tackling real-world quantum computing applications for the first time.

Main Research Themes
  • Improving quantum coherence using new circuit fabrication techniques
  • Reducing errors using microwave engineering
  • Improving quantum logic gates using optimal control and novel circuit designs.
Our Team

Our team is made up of researchers from the University of Oxford (led by Dr Peter Leek), University College London (led by Prof. Paul Warburton), Royal Holloway University of London (led by Prof. Phil Meeson), the University of Surrey (led by Dr Eran Ginossar) and the University of Glasgow (led by Prof. Martin Weides).

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