Working with industry

"Working with industry banner" with icons representing a variety of different industries

The UK’s Quantum Computing & Simulation Hub is a nexus for national and international stakeholders to learn about quantum computing & simulation, discuss the latest developments in the field and accelerate developments in the UK’s quantum industry.

Our technology hub is an essential part of the quantum ecosystem, where we aim to develop the building blocks for quantum computing and simulation devices at scale. We engage with a diverse range of sectors, and we welcome all stakeholders from technology providers to system builders, and software developers to end users in order to accelerate our research, drive spinout companies and invest in our community.

The User Engagement Team have expertise in a range of expertise and resources to facilitate engagement and collaboration, and we are keen to hear from entrepreneurs, investors and established technology companies looking for partnership or collaboration opportunities.

  • Partnership resource funding for new industrial and academic partners
  • Participation or support for collaborative innovation and feasibility studies through the Innovate UK ISCF QT Programme
  • Quantum readiness training for organisations to learn about challenges and opportunities
  • Partnerships with system vendors in user development and access
  • Expertise in IP, commercialisation, entrepreneurship and investment
  • Public outreach activities through the Quantum City brand, a UKNQTP collaboration
  • International networking and partnership

If you or your company have an interest in quantum computing and simulation and/or any of the above, please get in touch!