Ion Traps

Ion traps banner showing a single atom held in an ion trap

The Hub’s work on Ion Traps focuses on using individual trapped atomic ions trapped in electromagnetic chip traps. They constitute atomically perfect identical qubits, and can be manipulated with laser beams or microwave electronics to make elementary quantum logic gates of the highest possible precision.

The Hub is also working on networking together those trapped ion qubits in different chip traps, using single photons of light in optical fibres to make a scalable quantum information processor.

Main Research themes
  • Network-based entanglement for quantum computing (University of Oxford)
  • Optical cavities development for faster entanglement generation (University of Oxford, University of Southampton, University of Sussex)
  • Methods for higher-fidelity / more robust logic gates (Imperial College, London, University of Oxford, University of Sussex)
  • Development of chip trap devices for scaling up (University of Oxford, University of Sussex)

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