CaQTUS - (Calcium Quick Turnaround Universal System)

PRF Case Study

Cryogenic qubit control interface using analog/mixed-signal circuits and systems


CaQTUS builds on the previous successful NQIT user project with Oxford Ionics (OI). The project produced ion traps in a collaboration between OI and the University of Oxford (UOXF), as well as a novel rapid turn-around ion-trap test capability, the eponymous Calcium Quick Turnaround Universal System. 

CaQTUS will characterise the ion traps produced in the previous project and will produce a second-generation of ion traps that are ready for use in QCS research. As such, the project has largely been de-risked, and has been proven to be technically feasible.

Objectives and impact

The CaQTUS project will establish a UK-based commercial supply of ion traps. This will help to accelerate the Hub’s research and will improve access to these critical components. 



David Lucas

Professor David Lucas
Department of Physics
University of Oxford


Oxford Ionics Limited
Dr Thomas Harty