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We are the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Computing & Simulation - or QCS Hub, for short.  Part of a national programme to develop quantum technologies, we bring together leading UK academic and industry partners to tackle key challenges and accelerate progress in quantum computing, both in the UK and internationally.  We want to harness and nurture the strengths that exist across the UK quantum landscape, to ensure it remains at the forefront of the global competition to build a universal quantum computer.  Such a machine will have the potential to provide answers to a vast array of real-world questions.  It is through this work that we are helping to realise a whole new quantum economy in the UK.

Mobilising a diverse range of platforms and disciplines, we are exploring both near-term and long-term approaches to quantum computing.  Our research covers the full stack of hardware and software, from core technologies to potential applications including:

  • The discovery of novel drugs and materials
  • Quantum-enhanced machine learning
  • Carbon reduction through resource optimisation