Quantum computing and music

PRF Case Study

Quantum computing and music


Quantum Computing (QC) is advancing rapidly. However, musicians are not engaging with this technology.  Expertise is largely confined to specialist research laboratories. Existing tools are not adequate.

Our Quantum Computing and Music project intends on developing QuTune, a bespoke QC programming toolbox for musicians. QuTunes will include tools to explore the following quantum algorithms for musical applications: Grover’s Algorithm, Quantum Walk and Quantum Fourier Transform. We will design examples for NISQ hardware, as well as tutorials for scaling them up for virtual machine simulations and future hardware.

prf 03 i 02 plymouth eduardo miranda
prf 03 i 02 plymouth eduardo miranda
Objectives & Impact

This pioneering research activity will extend the range of applications of QC technology towards the music industry, creating a quantum-ready music tech community of early adopters. The objective is to facilitate learning and experimenting, and build bridges between the quantum computing (QC) and music communities.  


prf 03 i 02 plymouth eduardo miranda

Professor Eduardo Miranda
School of Humanities and Performing Arts
University of Plymouth

Professor Bob Coecke
Department of Computer Science
University of Oxford